• CONS: Who we are, what we do

    When people ask me what my job is in the Air Force, I tell them contracting. The typical response is, "You're a contractor?" Then, I have to explain that I am not a contractor but actually an active-duty Air Force officer who has been given the authority to spend taxpayer dollars in order to keep the mission going. Simply put, the 56th Contracting
  • Motivation: Starts with a goal

    Last week when I visited family in California, my father mentioned to a family friend that I was in the Air Force. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked me how long I had been in the military, and I said, "Nine and a half years." He fired back to me with a question that I hadn't thought about for a long time. "What motivated you to do more than
  • Airman carries 'I will not fail' into next phase of career, life

    I joined the Air Force because I was lost. And not Colorado lost, where at the very least you can look out your car window and know which way is west. My dreams were so big and seemingly far away that I felt like I was wandering through a fog-shrouded maze. While I will always be a dreamer, my time in the military has forever changed me and made my
  • Emotional intelligence calls for controlled feelings

    There is no doubt that we are emotional people. Many of us have the ability to control and or hide our emotions better than others. Some of us wear our emotions on our sleeves. Part of leadership is understanding and managing emotions and emotional situations. Failure on the part of the leader to understand their own emotions can be detrimental to
  • Cost conscious culture is for everyone

    A "cost conscious culture" is less daunting than it sounds. Perhaps it's the alliteration, or the fact that math might be involved, that puts a barrier between Airmen and C3, but it's important to understand that C3 as a whole is more an idea than a program.An initiative from Gen. Edward Rice Jr., commander of Air Education and Training Command, C3
  • Power in numbers

    One of the great things about the American people is their ability to rally and even sacrifice in a crisis. When it comes to energy conservation, there have been several notable periods in American history when the American people willingly incorporated small daily changes into their lives to preserve resources for the greater good. For instance
  • Challenging the Status Quo: Leadership in today's resource-constrained Air Force

    After having the honor of commanding the 50th Flying Training Squadron for nearly two years, neither my squadron nor the United States Air Force is the same as when I took command. Many of the changes have made us more efficient at accomplishing our mission while maintaining the high standards expected of military professionals. However, we also
  • Three looks for leaders

    The fourth paragraph of the Airman's Creed begins, "I am an American Airman: Wingman, Leader, Warrior." Focus with me for a few minutes on the word sandwiched between "Wingman" and "Warrior:" "I am a ... leader." I'll start by making two observations about each of us as leaders in today's Air Force. Then, I'll share three "looks" I've found helpful
  • Confessions of a rookie instructor

    Chances are had you told me a year ago that I would be an instructor at Squadron Officer School I would have called you certifiably crazy. I was so focused on being a C-17 Globemaster III pilot and presumed my career would lead to a staff tour at U.S. Transportation Command or Air Mobility Command where I could use my expertise to excel. The last
  • If it isn't you, it's the person next to you

    "Hey sexy... you single?"I turned to see a fellow Airman in training; standing about 5 foot 8 inches tall, dark hair and eyes. Over the next four months, I heard this fellow classmate repeat the same line more than a couple dozen times.It wasn't just me he had an eye for; it was a handful of my new girlfriends as well. We laughed it off. All of us

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Standing tall has nothing to do with your stature; don't let your height stop your dreams of becoming an Air Force pilot. Those not meeting the pilot height standard can apply for a waiver. To learn more, go to http://go.usa.gov/xpT7v #mythbuster #heightwaivers #USAF #VerticalChallenge #TE2F #inspireAF #AFResearchLab United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command Air Force ROTC U.S. Air Force Recruiting
Happy 244th birthday Marine Corps!!
On November 4th the Italian delegation at Eglin AFB hosted an Italian Breakfast to the community to celebrate the Italian Unity and Armed Forces Day. Seventy years ago, the Italian Republic recognized this day as National Unity and Armed Forces Day. A date that summarizes the founding values of a national identity long pursued by the Italian people. A day in which the Armed Forces and the Italian people remember the fallen of all the wars that contributed, up to the last extreme sacrifice, to freedom and democracy for the future of the Italian Republic. Italian Armed Forces: one force, one voice. 📸 Antonio DI IEVA
#ICYMI Nomads, here's news you can use!
#Nomads, never forget that we stand on the shoulders of greatness. Honor all those who served our nation during #WWII by attending the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)'s upcoming events scheduled here ➡️ https://go.usa.gov/xpxnP 📅 Use #KnowYourMil and #DoDRemembers75 to join the conversation!
#ICYMI The United States Air Force has a new Secretary of Defense. Barbara Barrett took the administrative oath of office Oct. 18, 2019 making her the 25th #SECAF. Welcome, ma'am! 🇺🇸
#Nomads took to the skies over University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium for a flyover. Check out these highlights from the event!
Taking the field Iowa Hawkeyes
The #Nomads are heading to the nest this Saturday. 🔥💪🏈 #FireFromTheClouds
Our #Nomads were in a fierce battle for the champions of the third quarter load crew and dedicated crew chief competitions this week. Check out some of these highlights from the event!
The Misty Forward Air Controllers (FAC) Vietnam veterans visited the 33rd Fighter Wing today. #ICYDK The Misty FAC earned their name during the Vietnam War because they used "Misty" as their radio call sign. It was a pleasure hosting their anniversary reunion here at the wing. Thank you Misty FAC for spending time with the #Nomads this year! #FireFromTheClouds