The 33rd FW Public Affairs photo studio will be operational out of Bldg 1384 (ATC Annex). Hours are from 0930-1200 every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. 

Appointments must be booked through our site NLT 2 days in advance.



   Public Affairs will provide support for: 

·               Official portraits as required by DAFI 35-101, Public Affairs Operations

·               Chain-of-command studio photography for leadership at the squadron level and above (commander, deputy commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant)

·               Quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above

   NOTE: Public Affairs has the right to cancel appointments that are not in accordance with the AFIs or approved by the wing commander.

                 *No-shows will not be rescheduled without an e-mail (sent to or a letter from the individual's First Sergeant, Superintendent or Commander, stating the justification for missing the appointment. 

                   The member will then be rescheduled based on availability/suspense requirements. Please call 2 hours ahead of time at (850) 883-5515 if you cannot make your appointment.



  • Appointments must be made at least 48hrs in advance via the link at the bottom of the page.  Please use your DSN and government email when booking. If you have issues using Setmore on government computers, the site is mobile friendly.

o                 Each studio customer is responsible for preparing his or her uniform to comply with AFI 36-2903.

  • Requests must be for official government requirements. 
  • Proof of requirement must be provided to confirm your appointment. This can be any official document stating your need for an official photo such as: memo from your UDM, emails from Execs/1st Sgts for wing-level awards and above, reporting instructions, AF-level award packages, etc.
  • Official photos are FOUO and must meet the specified criteria outlined in AFI 35-101, Section 7.14, Pg. 124. *If your request is not in line with the AFIs or proof is not provided, it will be declined or cancelled.

   NOTE: Chain of command displays are authorized for Commanders from squadron up to wing level in unit hierarchy as well as command chiefs and first sergeants (AFI 35-101).



  • The photography studio is in Bldg 1416, the Academic Training Center Annex. This is the building next door to the ATC.
  • Call us at (850) 833-5515 once you arrive for your appointment. PA will meet you outside the Annex side door.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. 

   NOTE: Scheduled appointments will be confirmed through an Outlook appointment. The Setmore email confirmation is NOT final confirmation.

               If you do not receive a confirmation from 33 FW/PA, contact 850-833-5515.



Other Photo, Video Production/Documentation Support

For inquiries on Public Affairs support, please call (850) 883-5515 or email the 33 FW/PA org box at