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33rd Maintenance Group

The mission of the 33rd Maintenance Group is to deliver safe, reliable and on-time aircraft to support F-35 pilot and maintainer training. The group oversees all aircraft maintenance, sortie generation, weapons loading operations and logistics integration for the 33rd FW.

33rd AMXS "Gorillas"


The 33rd AMXS "Gorillas" provide safe and reliable on-equipment maintenance for 58th FS flying operations with crew chiefs, weapons, and specialist support.


33rd MXS "Wizards"

The 33rd MXS "Wizards" provide both on- and off-equipment maintenance and oversight supporting F-35 flying operations for the assigned Air Force and Navy flying squadrons. Support is provided by the following flights to ensure continued aircraft availability: Accessories (Egress, Fuels); Aerospace Ground Equipment; Armament; Fabrication (low observable, non-destructive inspection metals technician), and Maintenance (wheel and tire).



Col. Ronald Llantada