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Short Talks-with Chief Bruce Episode 9: Effects Based Leadership Basics
33rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
March 18, 2019 | 3:41
Effects Based Leadership - The foundation:

Leaders have a responsibility to deliver results or achieve a desired effect. The model is similar to basic operational principles (F3EAD or F2T2EA). The process begins with us—let’s set the foundation:

1. Be yourself (Do You) - Understand our “Why”. What is your purpose in life? Not just in the Air Force...this requires honest self reflection.
2. Check your ego - when we understand why we exist, we grasp the best and worse parts of our personality. Ego will destroy a team.
3. Facts - Base decisions on facts, not emotion. Evidence and data allow for clear judgment.
4. Delivery - Facts don’t mean we have to be boring. Learn how to deliver your facts/message with passion...if we believe it, our people should believe it as well; this is where passion comes into play.
5. Mission Type Orders (MTOs) - Don’t be a micro manager. Communicate the desired effect and allow your Airmen to determine how they arrive to the end state. This drives innovation.

There are many other internal factors that aren’t covered in this short post, so I would love to hear from you! What sets your foundation?