• Abused domestic violence survivor speaks on recovery

    As a child I endured it, as an adult I minimized it. Abuse, regardless of the severity, will always be abuse.I was in an abusive relationship for more than 16 years. Leaving that relationship took a long time and was extremely tough but today I'm happy to say I am no longer in that relationship. Now, with the help of the Domestic Abuse Victim
  • A service-before-self mentality

    Do you have a service-before-self mentality? Do you take advantage of leadership opportunities? If you were nominated for a Developmental Special Duty, how would you respond if it was in a role you felt uncomfortable with? Would you volunteer to go on a deployment today if the opportunity presented itself?Back in May of 2008, my squadron
  • When leaders earn their keep

    It's no secret that a key to being a good leader, military or otherwise, is taking care of your people. I strongly believe Airmen aren't able to perform at their peak if their personal lives are in disarray. Whether financial woes, marital issues, illnesses or other troubles, it's tough to be at your best when life throws you a nasty curveball.For
  • Air Force heritage takes center stage at FTAC

    The First Term Airmen Center is where Airmen learn the ropes of what it's like in the operational Air Force when they arrive at their first duty station.The week-long course lasts eight hours a day and introduces Airmen to many different base agencies and leadership.At first I was leery about FTAC. With only seven other Airmen in my class, I was
  • Newest fighter pilots go forth from Luke with "Strength and Honor!"

    Today marks the culmination of nine months of demanding aviation training for sixteen students from the 308th Fighter Squadron B-Course, Class 14-BBG. These warriors will go forth as newly minted F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter pilots, ready to do their nation's bidding. The journey to fly the world's most combat proven aircraft was not easy. It
  • If you build it, will they come?

    One of my favorite movies as a child was "Field of Dreams." It's a movie about a farmer from Iowa who was inspired to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield. While working in his field one day he heard a voice saying, "If you build it, they will come." He was so convinced that he should build the diamond that he risked bankruptcy and the loss of
  • Facing Adversity

    If you have served in the Air Force for any amount of time, you've likely realized that facing adversity is part of the job. Whether you are trying to ready your family for your first deployment or trying to prioritize your time between work, family, and off-duty professional development, there will be some level of adversity to achieving your
  • Taming the "Tyranny of the Urgent"

    Many Airmen lead incredibly busy lives, full of unfinished tasks. We often wish that we had more hours in the day to fit it all in. In our professional lives, budgets remain tight, the Air Force is shrinking, and we are challenged to do more with less. Yet the demands on our time never seem to diminish. We are overdue on annual online training, our
  • Can we ask too much of Airmen who refuse to fail?

    Leadership comes with a cost to those being led, and it is incumbent upon Air Force leaders to ensure that planning, resources and military necessity are equal to the sacrifices being exacted on our people. Never was that calculus ever so strained as on Black Thursday, October 14, 1943.Black Thursday is the popular name for the Second Schweinfurt
  • A culture of excellence – Do you rent or own?

    Military service culture has always had deep roots in tradition, history and folklore. Over time, policies, people, geography, circumstances and tragedies can also influence the panorama of our essence and shape the way we live, fight and behave. After the last ten years, no one can say that our Air Force fights from the rear. Who would have ever

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Standing tall has nothing to do with your stature; don't let your height stop your dreams of becoming an Air Force pilot. Those not meeting the pilot height standard can apply for a waiver. To learn more, go to http://go.usa.gov/xpT7v #mythbuster #heightwaivers #USAF #VerticalChallenge #TE2F #inspireAF #AFResearchLab United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command Air Force ROTC U.S. Air Force Recruiting
Happy 244th birthday Marine Corps!!
On November 4th the Italian delegation at Eglin AFB hosted an Italian Breakfast to the community to celebrate the Italian Unity and Armed Forces Day. Seventy years ago, the Italian Republic recognized this day as National Unity and Armed Forces Day. A date that summarizes the founding values of a national identity long pursued by the Italian people. A day in which the Armed Forces and the Italian people remember the fallen of all the wars that contributed, up to the last extreme sacrifice, to freedom and democracy for the future of the Italian Republic. Italian Armed Forces: one force, one voice. 📸 Antonio DI IEVA
#ICYMI Nomads, here's news you can use!
#Nomads, never forget that we stand on the shoulders of greatness. Honor all those who served our nation during #WWII by attending the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)'s upcoming events scheduled here ➡️ https://go.usa.gov/xpxnP 📅 Use #KnowYourMil and #DoDRemembers75 to join the conversation!
#ICYMI The United States Air Force has a new Secretary of Defense. Barbara Barrett took the administrative oath of office Oct. 18, 2019 making her the 25th #SECAF. Welcome, ma'am! 🇺🇸
#Nomads took to the skies over University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium for a flyover. Check out these highlights from the event!
Taking the field Iowa Hawkeyes
The #Nomads are heading to the nest this Saturday. 🔥💪🏈 #FireFromTheClouds
Our #Nomads were in a fierce battle for the champions of the third quarter load crew and dedicated crew chief competitions this week. Check out some of these highlights from the event!
The Misty Forward Air Controllers (FAC) Vietnam veterans visited the 33rd Fighter Wing today. #ICYDK The Misty FAC earned their name during the Vietnam War because they used "Misty" as their radio call sign. It was a pleasure hosting their anniversary reunion here at the wing. Thank you Misty FAC for spending time with the #Nomads this year! #FireFromTheClouds