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  • PhD commando improves US/Afghan cultural communication

    He walks into the library holding a large box. It is a huge library, the Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center on Maxwell, but his size makes it look small. His left arm is covered in a full-sleeve tattoo, and on his right is a family crest. He flashes a big smile and extends his hand in a warm greeting. Cradled by his crested arm, the box
  • Capt. Lillian Kinkella Keil: A legacy of military medical service

    The 59th Medical Wing celebrates Nurse and Technician Appreciation Week May 6-12, and this week's Airmen heritage contribution honors one of the greatest military heroes - medical or otherwise - Capt. Lillian Kinkella Keil.One of the most decorated women in American military history, Keil was part of 425 combat evacuation missions in World War II
  • LeMay Center commander uses diverse background to serve Airmen

    As the child of a missionary growing up among the Ndu tribe in the West African nation of the Republic of Cameroon, Steven Kwast and local children rubbed mud and ash from the previous night's fires into their hair to mimic the appearance of respected tribal elders.In a region of the world that now Maj. Gen. Steven Kwast spent some of his formative
  • A journey remembered; Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Hepburn retires

    The commander of the Air Force's largest medical wing has spent more than four decades fulfilling two childhood loves: aviation and medicine.The melding of these two passions for the past 38 years on active duty reaches its conclusion Friday morning when Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Byron Hepburn, 59th Medical Wing commander and Deputy Director of the San
  • Born dead: AF medical excellence leads Airman back to where her life began

    What would you do to repay someone for saving your life? How far would you go?Col. Katherine Rearden, 59th Medical Wing Clinical Research Division chief, answers that question every day of her life."If I was going to be born dead anywhere, I thank God it was here in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base," she said. This is not a simple statement
  • Scenario-based training prepares student pilots for real operations

    An audience of C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft pilots sits attentively as the briefer in the front of the room emphasizes the key points of their mission. The projection screen behind him depicts known locations of hostile troops, associated air defense artillery and radar range envelopes. The combined force commander's intent, he briefs, is
  • CCAF opens doors for prior enlisted officer

    It was never really something he looked into. His father served for 20 years, but joining the military didn't cross the then high school student's mind. His plan was to go to college and get a computer science degree.Sports and educational scholarships covered some of his expenses to attend two colleges, Jackson State University and Mississippi
  • Airman serves Air Force and deaf community

     "I don't do what I do in pursuit of reciprocation. Instead, I do what I do in pursuit of the ongoing gratification that I feel each time I use my hands to provide a voice for those who may never actually hear one." These words belong to Airman 1st Class Shaney Scott, an enterprise service desk technician for the 690th Network Support Squadron at
  • "One Boy USO" brings mission to Keesler

    Cody Jackson brought his personal mission to thank military members to Keesler last week.The soft-spoken 11-year-old from Alpharetta, Ga., made Keesler a part of his ongoing quest to thank as many military members as he can by shaking their hands, welcoming them home from deployment or sending care packages to military members serving overseas. In
  • Failure sparks change

    "I worked too hard and waited too long to join the Air Force just to get kicked out because of physical training."That's what Airman 1st Class Samuel Hahn said when he failed his PT test in September 2013. Hahn, a 47th Medical Group Public Health technician, attributes his failure to three main components:"I had no social life, no priorities and no

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After 2 weeks on the road at #NorthernLightning 19-2 our student pilots came home with a joint training exercise under their belt. Fire from the clouds! #RAGE
While our #Nomads have to say goodbye to #NorthernLightning and return home, the things they learned there will last a lifetime. Check out some highlights from our #Airmen's time at Volk Field ANGB and hear about why it was so important that we brought the LIGHTNING.
#NorthernLightning 19-2 is at a close. We're packing up and heading home. It's been great visiting the badger state and we can't wait to come back...until then stay "ready to #RAGE." 🔥
Major Josephine Beacham, 33rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander, visited the crew here at #NorthernLightning 19-2 and took a moment to share how proud she is of our Nomads. #FireFromTheClouds
In true Nomad fashion, we're prepping to head back to the sunshine state BUT before we say goodbye, follow MSgt Ray Avant, 58th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Weapons Section Chief, as he shows what has been our "home away from home" AMU here at #NorthernLightning 19-2.
Our Gorillas came ready to RAGE for our last go of exercise #NorthernLightning 19-2!!! Way to finish strong... 💪🦍 #goodjobgorilla Check out these shots from today 😎
Woot woot! Here's a message from 1st Lt Cassie Herman, 58th Fighter Squadron aircraft maintenance unit OIC. #NorthernLightning 19-2
#Nomads, help us celebrate our newest SSgts! These #Airmen will soon take on the responsibility of becoming NCOs in the #WorldsBestAirForce!
#BehindTheScenes Dan Spratto, a Pratt and Whitney field service engineer, works hard to provide support to our #Airmen as a specialist for the F-35's engine. "This is my first exercise with the 58th Fighter Squadron but I'm a 26 year Air Force veteran so I've been in quite a few exercises. I was an engines Airman and have been working with jet engines for over 34 years. My favorite part is being out of the heat of Florida! I'm kidding. It's been great just seeing the Airmen so enthusiastic about supporting the mission and doing something unique out here in Wisconsin that they don't get to do often in training wings."
Catch us in the sky. How about that? Today our Gorillas blessed the skies with our F-35A Lightning IIs. Feast your eyes on these beauts. #NorthernLightning 19-2 😍
#BehindTheScenes 1st Lt Cassie Herman, 58th Fighter Squadron aircraft maintenance unit OIC, holds an important role in keeping our maintenance #Airmen on track and taken care of. "I'm looking at big picture here and being the liaison between our maintenance unit and ops. I'm making sure my people are taken care of, I'm making sure that maintenance is running smoothly, and I'm making sure we provide our pilots with safe reliable aircraft. My favorite part is interacting with people I don't get to see all the time. We have four shifts back home and I'm on day shift so I see one group of people but here I get to see everyone. There's no meetings so I have no reason to be behind a desk and I get to go out on the line, help people pull chocks, and whatever else they need. I can help my Airmen and get to know them better."
FACT: Our crew has been killing it out here at #NorthernLightning 19-2! And now a message from the boss himself, Col. Jon S. Wheeler. #FireFromTheClouds
#RAGE Just minutes before stepping our Gorillas are briefed in preparation for the morning's flights. #NorthernLightning
#BehindTheScenes SrA Yeng Vang Client Systems Technician, not only maintains the computers for the 58th Fighter Squadron but steps out from behind the computer to learn as much as he can. "After everything on the Comm side was set up, I got to go outside to the flight line and get to experience the maintenance side. I learned how to marshal a jet, haven't gotten the chance to yet but I'm excited to. With the F-35, a lot of maintenance has to go through the computer systems. With ALIS especially. When we got here we found out our computers weren't working with ALIS because of conflicting configurations so we had to set that up first. If we weren't here then ALIS and the maintenance side wouldn't have been able to operate."
Check out our Gorillas working hard on the weekend. These fuel systems repair Airmen keep our #F35 aircraft fit to fly! 🦍💪🔧 #RAGE
Not only is it #F35 Friday it's also #Freestyle friday! Our Gorillas work hard and play hard to perfection. Watch how they add a little style while launching our F-35A Lightning IIs. #NorthernLightning #RAGE
It's #F35 Friday closing out the first week of #NorthernLightning at Volk Field ANGB. Check out some photos of our Gorillas "getting ready to RAGE." 🦍💪
#BehindTheScenes: SSgt Nicholas Ferrari, 58th Fighter Squadron aircrew flight equipment NCOIC, is out here at Volk Field ANGB, Wisconsin providing safe equipment for our pilots during the #NorthernLightning exercise. But Ferrari got a living, breathing reminder of just how important he and his team's work really is when he bumped into Capt. Graeme Ross, a pilot he supported during another exercise at Osan Air Base, ROK. "It was a Friday during an exercise and we got a call that said, 'Real world, get to the office'. When we got there they said there had been an ejection, that the guy is okay, and we have to start locking down our records. I ran the parachute shop at the time and had to print out who had packed which chute with their qualifications then I looked and thought 'Hey! That's my parachute!' Capt Ross had ejected with a parachute I packed and it saved his life. I even got a coin with the 36th and the aircraft number etched on it after which was great!"
The Wisconsin weather is keeping things interesting at Northern Lightning but the Nomads and all our brothers and sisters in service came to train, rain or shine. Flexibility is the key to #AirPower!
Get ready for our #Nomads to put the LIGHTNING in #NorthernLightning2019! #Airmen from the #33FW are on the ground at Volk Field ANGB for the kick off of the second Northern Lightning exercise this year. Follow the story here or on our #Instagram @33FighterWing