33rd Maintenance Squadron


Major Kelsey Smith


Provide world-class on and off equipment maintenance to support F-35 flying operations


Effectively leverage maintenance professionals to provide safe and reliable aircraft in support of F-35 pilot training and dynamic force employment.


The 33rd Maintenance Squadron, nicknamed the "Wizards," first called Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, home in 1965. The wing was flying the F-4 Phantoms, and the Vietnam War was just gearing up. At the time, the maintenance program was divided into four squadrons, the 33rd Organization Maintenance Squadron, the 33rd Armament and Electronic Maintenance Squadron, the 33rd Munitions Maintenance Squadron and the 33rd Field Maintenance Squadron.

In 1978, when the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing received its first F-15 Eagles, the Air Force adopted a new concept of operating its maintenance programs. Named the Production Oriented Maintenance Organization, the new concept combined the duties of the four original squadrons into two new squadrons - the 33rd Equipment Maintenance Squadron and the 33rd Component Repair Squadron. The new squadrons were formed with a single goal, enabling the 33rd to fly, fight and win. In December 1991, the Air Force went through another service wide restructuring. The 33rd EMS and the 33rd CRS were combined to form the 33rd Maintenance Squadron.

Personnel and Resources

Currently, the 33rd MXS consists of three flights and 320 personnel: Accessory Flight, Aerospace Ground Equipment Flight and the Fabrication Flight. Nicknamed the Wizards, they operate the 33rd FW's entire industrial, manufacturing and structural repair capabilities. Providing both on and off equipment maintenance for two aircraft maintenance units, the 33rd MXS is committed to the fleet health of the wing's 49 F-35 aircraft to train and equip pilots for Combat Air Forces and worldwide deployments supporting air superiority operations.

Current as of July 2023