• 60th Fighter Squadron

    The 60th Fighter Squadron mission is accomplished with 18 personnel and 17 F-35A Lightning II in inventory. The F-35A is a conventional takeoff and landing, low-observable, multi-role fighter aircraft equipped with fifth generation sensors that provide it unparalleled situational awareness making

  • 337th Air Control Squadron

    The Doghouse trains students to provide battle management command and control in subjects ranging from friendly and enemy aircraft capabilities and limitations, defensive and offensive counter air operations, close air support, personnel recovery, suppression of enemy air defenses, tactical control

  • 33rd FW Academic Training Center

    The ATC is a government-owned, contractor-operated, 260,000-square-foot, $65M facility that provides academic and simulation training for F-35 pilots, intelligence personnel and maintainers. The ATC also hosts the Training System Support Center, the nerve center for F-35 configuration management and

  • 33rd Operations Group

    The 33rd Operations Group mission is accomplished by over 300 assigned active duty, reserve, guard, government civilian and contract personnel. Annually, the 33rd OG trains an average of 24 F-35A pilots, 172 intelligence personnel in support of Air Force Special Operations Command, 85 intelligence

  • 33rd Operations Support Squadron

    The Jokers provide support efforts to ensure that the 33rd FW's two flying squadrons have adequate airspace, aircraft, and supplies to accommodate long- and short-range plans. Specifically, the 33rd OSS provides staff support to the operations group commander, monitors all training syllabus

  • 33rd Maintenance Squadron

    The 33rd Maintenance Squadron, nicknamed the "Wizards," first called Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, home in 1965. The wing was flying the F-4 Phantoms, and the Vietnam War was just gearing up. At the time, the maintenance program was divided into four squadrons, the 33rd Organization Maintenance

  • 58th Fighter Squadron

    The 58th Fighter Squadron mission is accomplished by over 58 assigned U.S. military, government civilian and contract personnel. Annual student training yields on average over 60 combat-ready F-35 pilots trained in all aspects of F-35A employment. The F-35A is a conventional takeoff and landing,