33rd FW Academic Training Center


Lt. Col. Kevin Danaher


We train, develop and graduate the world's best.


Build and sustain CAF's best communities: F-35 pilots, maintainers and intelligence personnel


The ATC is a government-owned, contractor-operated, 260,000-square-foot, $65M facility that provides academic and simulation training for F-35 pilots, intelligence personnel and maintainers. The ATC also hosts the Training System Support Center, the nerve center for F-35 configuration management and course materials for the U.S. and participating nations. Students receive interactive and self-paced lectures with hands-on computer-based systems. The ATC is home to eight Pilot Full-Mission Simulators, seven Aircraft System Maintenance Trainers - virtual reality 3D maintenance simulators, two Ejection Seat Maintenance Trainers - full-scale interchangeable F-35 cockpits for both the conventional and short

take-off variant, three Weapons Load Trainers - full-scale mock-ups of the F-35A/B/C fuselage, two Landing Gear Trainers and five Engine Trainers allowing maintenance students to practice hands-on skills.

Associated Units

The ATC is home to other collocated units that participate in F-35 training.

The 359th Training Squadron, is assigned to the 82nd Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas. They conduct technical and military training for U.S. Air Force enlisted initial skills for F-35 Crew Chiefs, Avionics, and Armament AFSCs at Eglin AFB and non-destructive inspection, aircraft structural maintenance and low observable AFSCs at NAS Pensacola, Florida. The squadron also manages a $16.5M dormitory for Airmen pipeline students.

Field Training Detachment 19, 372nd Training Squadron, is also assigned to the 82nd TW and provides transition maintenance training to maintainers who are transitioning from other types of aircraft.

The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training, Detachment Eglin provides technical and maintenance training for U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy personnel slated for F-35B and F-35C units. The detachment also manages a $16.5M dormitory for all Department of Navy pipeline students.

Current as of May 2024