Health experts provide tips for practicing gym rats, New Year resolutioners

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Alexandria Slade
  • Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Public Affairs
After several barren winter months, many gyms experience a surge of "resolutioners" seeking to shed holiday weight gain. Though not always easy, consistency in proactive goal setting, exercise and nutrition can help individuals lose unwanted seasonal pounds.

Those who are successful at following up on their resolutions usually set small goals first instead of focusing on the big picture, Priscilla Smith, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Rambler Fitness Center personal trainer, said. If they have 50 pounds to lose, it helps to focus on how much they want to lose in a given time period.

"Set goals that are attainable and don't expect drastic changes overnight," Marvin Roberts, JBSA-Randolph contractor and gym regular, said. "Understand that it takes a lot of time, dedication and a healthy diet to attain the goals you're looking to achieve."

Although starting out may be difficult, Smith said motivators such as music, visible goal lists and other people in the gym or a fellow "fitness buddy" can keep people on track to achieving their objectives.

"Many people come to the gym this time of year with the goal to start working out, but never stick with it," Roberts said. "There are so many benefits to staying dedicated though, whether you want to look or feel better. Overall, it's better for your health and something everyone should make time for."

Proper nutrition and constantly changing workouts that contain strength training, cardio and flexibility improve physical and emotional aspects of life, Smith said. Resting heart rate, bone density, metabolism, body fat percentage, balance and recovery from injury can all improve, along with someone's attitude after a rough day at the office.

For the times life takes over and injury or illness occurs, Smith suggested working through a physical issue with patience and modifying exercises to still get results without stressing the injury.

No matter the temporary setback, Smith said to "always listen to your body."

"Even if you're physically incapable of big things, do what can be done with little effort to stay active every day and remain consistent with healthy nutrition," she said.