Flying with the Crows: Staff Sgt. Kaweda Crenshaw

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Leandra Garcia

Flying with the Crows

Meet SSgt Kaweda Crenshaw, 60th Fighter Squadron aviation resource manager, non-commissioned officer in charge. Crenshaw hails from Darien, Georgia, and joined the Air Force in June, 2018.  

“I joined for educational reasons, and I wanted to make a career out of it,” said Crenshaw. “I wanted to go the Judge Advocate General’s Corps route, and I’m still on track to do so.” 

As a SARM, Crenshaw ensures that pilots have all of their training and certification items before flying. She also inputs their flying and training time, and prepares their flight authorizations for the next day.  

“The most difficult part of my job has been helping stand up my unit while also being a new NCOIC,” said Crenshaw. “A lot of times it gets overwhelming, but I always remind myself not to let it consume me and that work will be there tomorrow so that I don't wind up taking my work home.” 

Crenshaw credits her family for being both her biggest inspiration and support system.  

“My main supporters are my husband and son,” said Crenshaw. “It is very important to have a support system, so you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your support system pulls you out of the workaholic cycle when the workload gets overwhelming. They keep you going and empower you to overcome your obstacles.” 

In the work center, Crenshaw would like to be known for her ability to take care of others.  

“I want to show enlisted personnel that there are people who actually care,” said Crenshaw. “I want people to know that this uniform is temporary, but it’s your character and the way you treat people that defines who you are to your core and who you will be remembered as even when you're gone.” 

Outside of work, Crenshaw loves to work out, eat, and spend time with her family.