safe this holiday weekend

  • Published
  • By Maj. Frank Cooper
  • 14th Flying Training Wing Safety
As we take the time this Fourth of July weekend to celebrate the founding of our great nation, we need to keep in mind the safety of our Air Force members, family and friends.

Ensuring each and every one makes it to the end of the celebration should be our number one goal. Failing in this will tarnish any of the celebration of the holiday weekend.

As you head out this weekend, remember that millions of others will also be on the roads, in the air, on the lakes and rivers, and in the parks. Plan ahead for these crowds and additional hazards; allow a little extra time for the congestion. Air Education and Training Command has given us July 2 as a family day to provide a well earned safe start to the weekend.

Using this day to start our travel will provide each of us a little extra time and an additional safety margin as we head out onto the crowded roads. However, some of us will be tempted to start traveling today after work. By doing this, any of the safety advantages garnered from the additional day are negated.

Just as millions of Americans will be filling the roads and recreational areas, our schedules will also be jammed with activities. Busy schedules will lead to many holiday activities that present hazards. When presented with only one of these activities we often acknowledge and mitigate the danger.

However, as we combine a number of activities together, one can lose sight of the increased risks presented by multiple dangers. Often one activity will distract from the attention we should give another activity.

We must use care as we are out celebrating. smart! Conduct a little real-time risk management to avoid from doing things we would not normally accepted as safe.

If we keep the safety of our family and friends as our number one goal, the biggest family celebration of the year will remain a time of celebration. When the holiday is over, we want to say we contributed to the success of The Year of the Air Force Family for all the BLAZE team.