Jet set - extra training required for diffrerent deployment

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  • By Lt. Col. Jennifer Gallagher
  • 2nd Air Force

So you're going to deploy and it's time to prepare. Do you know what you're preparing for?

First, ask your unit deployment manager to clarify whether you're on an Air Expeditionary Force or a Joint Expeditionary Tasking/Individual Augmentee deployment. These two types of deployment are not the same.

A JET/IA deployment places you in a non-standard environment, possibly "outside the wire," and/or requires you to work outside of your traditional skills set. Approximately 5 percent of all Air Force deployers fill JET/IA billets.

If you are tasked to fill a JET/IA billet, you'll have to attend additional predeployment training to ensure you can survive and operate in a hostile environment. That means your deployment duration will be extended by 30 to 120 days on the front end. Yes, it's additional time away from home, but it will ensure you can safely perform your duties in a combat zone. The training is physically and mentally demanding, so you'll need to be ready for that before you arrive.

It's also very likely that your training will be conducted by Army personnel at an Army installation, referred to as a power projection platform. Combat skills training follows full-up Army curriculum, and the course schedule is set with specific tasks each day. The duration of the training day isn't dictated by the clock--it's determined by how fast the day's tasks are accomplished. It's important that every Airman arrives at CST with an open mind and a willing attitude as the training may seem odd at first.

While CST is designed and conducted for Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard personnel, it's full intensity Army training and very much like what Army personnel go through.
CST, combined with your past Air Force experiences, will prepare you for the demands of your JET deployment.

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