EFS brings us back to the basics of being an Airman

  • Published
  • By 1st Sgt. Brian S. Quam
  • 54th Air Refueling Squadron
Ok folks, when was the last time you opened up the Enlisted Force Structure booklet?

Like most, it was probably when you were in-residence at a formal professional military education school.

So what's the big deal about this particular document? It's beneficial for all of us to get back to the basics and check the foundation of our force and values. Let's take just a couple key excerpts from the EFS, AFI 36-2618, and break them down.

● 3.1.4. Maintain the highest level of personal readiness to meet mission requirements. Be technically, physically, and mentally ready to accomplish the mission.

We must get our training done so we can deploy ─ take our turn for our country and our unit, and not make somebody else do it for us. This paragraph also means acting and looking like a professional. Exhibiting this type of behavior is contagious and will have a positive impact on the perception of you and your unit.

Know how to do your job, be able to do your job and keep your personal affairs in order so that when you are doing your job your mind can be focused on the task at hand. Remember, your life and the lives of others may depend on your performance no matter if you are deployed, on temporary duty or right here at home.

● 3.1.6. Know and understand the Wingman concept. Airmen take care of other fellow Airmen.

Don't throw your fellow Airman under the bus to make yourself look better. It can also require you to stop and intervene at the appropriate time to prevent your wingman from doing something wrong or out of character. This can include many things but drinking responsibly and having a good get home plan come to mind. Doing the right thing is often inconvenient, but we should always fall back on integrity and courage.

In closing, I would encourage everybody to break open the EFS when you have some spare time. Doing this will help us remember to take care of ourselves and the Airmen around us at all times. Understanding the foundation of our enlisted force structure will only make us better professionals and Airmen.