AETC Commander: Airmen must eliminate sexual assault

  • Published
  • By Gen. Edward A. Rice Jr.
  • Air Education and Training Command
Integrity First - it's our first core value and the cornerstone of our ability to eliminate sexual assault from our service. Integrity is about doing the right thing and as we focus our attention on sexual assault this month, we must renew our commitment to uphold the dignity of, and respect for, every human being.

I want to be very clear; there is no room in the Air Force for sexual assault. It undermines everything we believe in. It weakens the trust the American people have in us as individuals and as an institution. It is a crime and will not be tolerated.

I expect every member of AETC to foster and support a culture that is based on dignity and respect and does not tolerate sexual assault. We must do all we can to ensure victims feel comfortable coming forward and are not victimized a second time by our attitudes and behavior. Our Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, medical, legal and investigative communities help in these efforts, but it is up to each of us to be leaders in this fight against sexual assault. This reemphasizes my Jan 2011 policy on this topic. Integrity First - doing the right thing--let's all do our part to eliminate sexual assault from our Service.


Every installation, including deployed locations, has a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator or SARC.

AETC SARC's are available at:

Altus - 580-481-7428, DSN 866, Cell 580-649-0656

Columbus - 662-434-1228, DSN 742, Cell 662-386-0811, Hotline 662-364-0822

Fort Sam Houston - Cell 210-643-1240, Hotline 210-808-7272, DSN 420

Goodfellow - 325-654-1572, DSN 477, Hotline 325-654-1570

Keesler - 228-377-8635, DSN 597, Hotline 228-337-7278

Lackland - 210-671-3209, DSN 473, Cell 210-825-3261, Hotline 210-671-7272

Laughlin - 830-298-4545, DSN 732, Cell 830-765-8646

Luke - 623-856-4878, DSN 896, Cell 632-363-6590

Maxwell - 334-953-4416, DSN 493, Cell 334-313-4220, Hotline 334-953-8696

Presidio of Monterey - 831-242-4861, DSN 768, Cell 831-261-2895

Randolph - 210-652-4386, DSN 487, Cell 210-652-8787

Sheppard - 940-676-0364, DSN 736, Cell 940-676-7272

Tyndall - 850-283-8192, DSN 523, Cell 850-625-1231

Vance - 580-213-5598, DSN 448, Cell 580-541-7095

Information on the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program is available online at The site includes information for making restricted and unrestricted reports, training on bystander intervention, videos, Gallup poll findings and more.