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Every Airman has a part in energy conservation

  • Published
  • By Jim Butts
  • Air Education and Training Command Energy Program specialist
October is Energy Action Month, a time for every Airman, Air Force civilian and contractor to make a conscious effort to conserve energy.

Although there isn't really a "squeaky clean" energy, common sources of green energy such as water, wind and the sun can help to minimize our environmental footprint, and improve the sustainability of our energy supply (and thus, our Air Force mission). These sources are inexhaustible, and can be converted to usable energy with minimal environmental damage. By using them instead of the more traditional sources like oil, coal and natural gas, we expect to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, helping to keep our planet and atmosphere clean.

Unfortunately, no energy source completely eliminates environmental risk. The only truly clean energy is the energy that we avoid using, which provides each Airman a role in energy conservation. We can all say to ourselves, "I am Air Force Energy," and contribute by making energy a consideration in all that we do. Besides enhancing our environment, we'll help save dollars, which can then be used to improve our Air Force mission and quality of life.

We've all heard the standard energy savings tips many times: turn off our computer monitors and lights when not in use, use efficient temperature settings in our offices, minimize our use of personal fans and heaters and reduce our water consumption. There are many such tips, and these seemingly small efforts add up to big results! Due to the magnitude of energy consumed by the Air Force, any actions we take to reduce energy consumption are significant in their potential impact.

The bottom line is that money we don't spend on fuel, electricity and water is money we can reinvest into the capability for the warfighter.

Energy Action Month is the time to start putting energy conservation tips into practice and developing them into life-long habits. Make Energy Action Month successful by living the words, "I am Air Force Energy."