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CAF domains like ‘legs on a chair’

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jason Smith
  • Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs
Comprehensive Airman Fitness promotes a holistic approach to health in four domains:  mental, physical, social and spiritual.

The Air Force Instruction for CAF, AFI 90-506, hit the streets in April 2014, but the new instruction doesn't make comprehensive fitness a new lifestyle concept.

Air Combat Command adopted CAF in 2009 based on the Army's framework of the Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program. One of the four domains of CAF, social health, is addressed in an October 2010 Defense Centers of Excellence newsletter. The article states "social fitness includes financial health, social connectivity, leadership skills, relationships with family and friends, and unity and work relationships."

According to Gina Ramirez, licensed professional counselor for Outreach/Resiliency Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, social health can be defined as the ability to communicate and make meaningful connections with others. It's an effort to maintain a social network with an ability to work well with others.

"As one of the four domains, (social health) can be likened to legs on a chair," said Ramirez. "You should have all four; mental, physical, social and spiritual; to make up healthy living. Although there will always be room for improvement, no matter which domain, each brings an essential element of wellness. Within the social domain is our ability to communicate. Communication runs through each domain and is our way of relating to the environment and those around us."

Ramirez said getting to know coworkers is important for better relationships.

"Encourage team and moral building events within and outside of the office," said Ramirez. "Notice what other social avenues the person has out of work; friends, family, creative groups, sports groups, church organizations. Where do they get their social needs met? There are many resources on base to help Airmen get plugged into the community--on or off base."

Airmen wanting to learn more about CAF can visit Air Force Portal and click on the CAF button on the front page.