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Lackland Medical Wing geared to recapture patient services

  • Published
  • By Christopher Carwile
  • 59th Medical Wing Public Affairs
While comment and feedback cards are always available for patients in every clinic of the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, the 59th Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron is taken an active, "re-construction" approach to gaining feedback.

"It's all about enhancing the patient care experience," said Byron Nichols, 59th Medical Support Group process improvement advisor. 

"The 59th MDTS is working to make us the pharmacy, the lab, and nutritional medicine clinic of choice for our number one customer, the patient," said Nichols.

During the six-week project, squadron members, wearing hard hats and reflective vests, collected 1,500 responses from visitors to questions about their customer service experiences.

Responses to two questions have been primarily positive with a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

"However, we have identified several areas for improvement such as service hours, communication, and other internal processes we can adjust to better meet the needs of our patients," said Nichols.

Now it's the squadron's turn to provide feedback to the customer.

"The answers that our patients provided were taken and categorized," he said. "We are creating a display for our patients so they can know that we acknowledge what they told us and are addressing their concerns.

"This is a unique step because many times if a suggestion is made, the patient never hears a response from the clinic," he added. "The 59th MDTS Reconstruction Program is committed to improving communication and providing feedback so our patients know we listen and we care.