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Behind the Lens

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Emily Smallwood
  • 33rd Fighter Wing

"When I get behind that lens, it’s showtime."

Photography isn't just about taking pictures for Tech. Sgt. John Askew, 33rd Fighter Wing maintenance scheduler, it's an art form.

"I first picked up a camera when I was 16 years old," said Askew. "It wasn't until I was in the military for four years when I bought my first digital camera and I've been self-taught ever since."

From birthday parties, to sports, to school events, Askew followed his son around from the time he was born, documenting his life and preserving memories of his childhood. After plenty of practice, Askew branched out and began photographing different events such as Miss Global U.S. Pageant, Maxfit National Qualifiers, and more.

"Anybody can take a photo," said Askew. "But to really grasp the art of photography, you need to take the time to use your imagination and evoke emotion in your audience--give them a feeling they've never felt before."

Running a photography business outside of his military career can be time consuming, but Askew loves what he does and tries to involve his family whenever possible.

"I once took photos at my grandfather's 100th birthday party and getting those priceless moments of his life are really what inspire me to do what I do," said Askew. "It's not just a picture, it’s precious memories of that person’s life that tells a story and that will last forever."

As photography has become a part of Askew’s life, his goal is to progress in his craft and to always focus on shooting better than he has before.

"My favorite thing about photography is the end result," said Askew. "When I give my product to people and see their genuine smiles and hear their sincere 'thank you's,’ it makes it all worth it and I know I've done my job."

Askew continues to grow his photography hobby and hopes to leave a legacy with his son through photos of memories to show generations to come.