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Team Fitness

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Emily Smallwood
  • 33rd Fighter Wing

The Air Force physical training (PT) program is designed for Airmen to maintain an active lifestyle year-round and remain mission ready.

To ensure Airmen stay fit to fight, Tech. Sgt. Gregory Black, 33rd Fighter Wing computer security manager, volunteers as a physical training leader (PTL) and implements group PT for his unit to uphold the fitness standards.

"PT is one of the aspects of being in the military and it’s very important," said Black. "I'm a firm believer that if we can't deploy and actually do what we need to do physically then we aren't of much use."

That mentality flows while Black motivates Airmen with friendly competition doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), functional strength movement and aerobic exercises.

"What motivates me is self-improvement," said Senior Airman Nathan Aviles, 33rd Fighter Wing client systems technician. "Sgt. Black's group PT has really helped me improve my overall fitness and PT test score."

To establish an overall balance, Black’s workout program is designed to accommodate everyone’s fitness level.

“Group PT has been beneficial for our entire unit,” said Aviles. “Sgt. Black encourages everyone and always helps those that need the extra boost.” 

Black believes that if the team endures challenges together they will become tighter as a unit and function more effectively.  

"So far, I think group PT has had a positive impact," said Black. "The Airmen that put in the effort have done significantly better on their PT test. We come up with a regimented workout for the ones that are lacking to help reach their individual goals."

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Black organizes group PT and conducts a mock PT test once a month.

"This will only help them get better and I'm doing it right along with them," said Black. "You are only as good as the person on the left and right of you. It's a team effort and it builds resiliency."