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Financial Managment

The financial managment team provides financial support to  F-35 maintenance and pilot training operations formulating and executing more than groups, 5 squadrons, and the F-35 Academic Training Center. Financial manager for 33 FW/CC & Senior staff; formulates and executes >$10M O&M program. Liaison with host base wing for Installation Support Agreements and facilitates HHQ analysis and resourcing for $500M+ in CE projects and infrastructure

“Our Nomads have ceased their wandering” is the epitaph engraved on top of the 33rd Fighter Wing’s Khobar Towers memorial dedicated to the 12 Nomads who lost their lives. The journey for one Nomad on that wall may have come to an end but for his sister it has just begun.
Many Americans choose to donate blood, platelets, and more all around the country every day. One Nomad decided to go above and beyond to help a total stranger.
The Undergraduate Air Battle Manager Course reduced training days from 175 to 135 by optimizing the syllabus and giving the students more responsibility to learn on their own, resulting in a 26 percent total time saved.
Like father like son

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Northern Lightning Exercise 2019: The Beginning
33rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Aug. 12, 2019 | 0:58
Get ready for our #Nomads to put the #Lightning in #NorthernLightning2019!

#Airmen from the #33FW are on the ground at Volk Field ANGB for the kick off of the second #NorthernLightning2019 exercise this year. Follow the story here or on our #Instagram @33FighterWing

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