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Air Education and Training Command is the executive agent for all Air Force sponsored international training and education. The command implements and approves Air Force sponsored security assistance training, monitors the progress of training and the welfare of U.S. Air Force-sponsored international students, and provides guidance for implementation of the DoD Informational Program. Each year AFSAT members train or facilitate training for 5,000+ students from 140+ countries utilizing 6,000+ training lines that support 1,200 +courses to attend English language, flying, technical, medical, and professional military education and training, with an overall portfolio worth $9.2B.

Deliver Unrivaled Air, Space, and Cyberspace Education and Training to America's Partners

Develop, deliver, and manage education and training solutions in support of US Security Cooperation objectives

Director of Operations (AFSAT/DO)

The Director for Operations is the focal point for all operations and training related activities within the Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron.


The Director of Operations professionally manages all training efforts using a blended mix of highly-experienced military, civil service, and contractor personnel arranged into dedicated country-specific teams. These teams are comprised of an experienced Country Manager and Training Program Manager, supplemented as necessary with various program specific Training Specialists, who carefully oversee case development, resourcing, and execution efforts throughout the entire life cycle of assigned training programs. This staffing concept allows the teams to focus on the full range of security assistance training needs of each individual country to provide a unique level of management stability/continuity for each partner nation.

Mission Support (AFSAT/MS)

The Director of Mission Support is the focal point for all direct and indirect guidance to Training Program Managers and Country Managers in the planning, development, programming, and execution of training and education programs that enhance international relations and agreements.

Under the Director are three divisions: Requirements Division (MSR), Operations Division (MSO) and Training Division (MST).

The Director of Mission Support uses historical data, best practice examples, and other data to assist AFSAT COCOMs as required to develop country specific training and solutions. The directorate provides standardization and quality assurance for AFSAT training programs. The directorate manages the International Student Scheduling section which schedules individual international students and serves as Air Force's release disclosure authority for all USAF international programmed training. Manages the Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) Office which serves as Air Force OPR for the management of Foreign Military Sales cases involving USAF-provided training. The directorate leads the USAF Chief International Military Student Office (IMSO), International Military Training Team (MTT), Extended Training Service Specialists (ETSS), Military Articles and Services Listing (MASL) sections as well as the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP) and the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) programs in integrating and executing country requests for training programs based on stated requirements. The directorate monitors training requirements to ensure personnel are properly trained, requirements are accurately documented and is the point of contact for management of the Defense Security Assistance Management System in support of operational functions.

Financial Management (AFSAT/FM)

The Director, Financial Management is the focal point for all financial related activities within the Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron. The Director interfaces directly with DoS, DSCA, SAF/IA, SAF/FM, and other MilDeps as needed to accomplish AF Building Partnership Capacity and the Air Force international training mission.

Under the Director are five divisions: Financial Analysis (FMA), Budget (FMB), Financial Services (FMF), Policy & Programs (FMP) and Financial Travel (FMT).

The Director, Financial Management provides financial advice, policy guidance, analysis, and reconciliation support to International Military Education & Training (IMET), Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Counter Terrorism (CT), International Narcotics Control (INL), 1004 (Counter Drug Program) and the Aviation Leadership Program (ALP); develops the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Annual Budgets for Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and O&M programs; provides Air Force tuition pricing approval, quality assurance and government travel support to enable AFSAT to fully execute it's international training mission.

New Business and Manpower Resource Management Division (AFSAT/XF)

The New Business and Resource Management Division supports the functions which merge the areas of AETC IA and AFSAT similar to a Commander's Action Group, providing analysis of factors related to International training programs, training CONOPS, Building Partnership interface, data collection, mission enhancement initiatives, problem solving, and other duties as directed to ensure successful completion of the International Training and Education mission. XF primarily handles new business for major weapon systems training development and implementation (F-35); routine and crisis staffing actions supporting AETC, SAF/IA, DSCA, and other US governmental agencies; and International Training data analysis, programming, manpower and fact finding. All unit manpower resources are managed and tracked by this Division.

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