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Colonel Margaret B. Matarese is the Headquarters Air Education Training Command, Command Surgeon. She is responsible for a staff consisting of 61 personnel, both military and civilian, providing strategic planning policy, assessment and resources for AETC's 13 medical units, employing in excess of 10,000 individuals serving more than 500,000 beneficiaries. She also advises the AETC Commander on all health-related matters. In addition, Col Matarese allocates and plans for the use of combined operations and maintenance, military personnel and TRICARE contracts totaling more than $6B. She is responsible to the AETC Commander and the Air Force Surgeon General for the education and training of Air Force personnel in all medical career fields. Colonel Matarese provides oversight for medical readiness taskings, comprising over one third of AETC's commitment. She also actively participates on BRAC implementation committees.

Colonel Matarese graduated cum laude from the University of California at San Diego with a B.A. in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology. She was awarded a Medical Doctorate degree from the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine in 1986 and was commissioned a Captain in the U.S. Air Force under the Health Professions Scholarship Program in June 1986. She completed a residency in Family Practice at David Grant USAF Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base, California in 1989. Following this residency, she served as Chief, Family Practice Clinic for the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing Hospital at Hahn, Air Base, Germany and then as a Squadron Medical Element Flight Surgeon for the 512th Fighter Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. During this assignment, she supported missions in Turkey, Angola, Morocco, Tunisia, Slovenia and Bosnia. In 1997, Colonel Matarese completed a dual residency in Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas and then served as Commander, 89th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. She then served as commander of the 56th Medical Operations Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, as commander of the 8th Medical Group at Kunsan AB, Korea, and as commander of the 374th Medical Group at Yokota AB, Japan. She subsequently served as command flight surgeon, Air Mobility Command at Scott AFB, Illinois and as Chief, Aerospace Operations for the Air Force Surgeon General. Most recently, she was assigned as the Deputy Assistant Surgeon General for Health Care Operations and the Commander of the Air Force Medical Operations Agency. Colonel Matarese is a Chief Flight Surgeon with over 800 flying hours.

1982 Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, University of California at San Diego
1986 Medical Doctorate, University of California at San Diego School of Medicine 1989 Residency in Family Practice, David Grant USAF Medical Center
1995 Air Command and Staff College, seminar
1995 Master's degree in Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health
1997 Air War College, correspondence
1997 Residency in Aerospace Medicine, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine.
1997 Residency in Occupational Medicine, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
2003 Interagency Institute for Federal Health Care Executives, George Washington
2005 Capstone Symposium, Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute

1. July 1986 - July 1989, Resident and Chief Resident, Family Practice Residency, David Grant USAF Medical Center, Travis AFB, California
2. July 1989 - August 1991, Chief, Family Practice Clinic, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing Clinic, Hahn AB, Germany
3. September 1991 - June 1994, Squadron Medical Element Flight Surgeon, 512th Fighter Squadron, Ramstein AB, Germany
4. July 1994 - July 1997, Resident in Aerospace Medicine, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas
5. July 1997 - June 1999, Commander, 89th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, Andrews AFB, Maryland
6. July 1999 - May 2001, Commander, 56th Medical Operations Squadron, Luke AFB, Arizona.
7. June 2001 - June 2002, Commander, 8th Medical Group, Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea
8. June 2002 - July 2004, Commander, 374th Medical Group, Yokota AB, Japan
9. July 2004 - June 2005, Command Flight Surgeon, HQ AMC, Scott AFB, Illinios
10. July 2005 - August 2007, Chief, Aerospace Operations, Office of the USAF Surgeon General, Bolling AFB, D.C.
11. August 2007 - September 2008, Commander, Air Force Medical Operations Agency and Deputy Assistant Surgeon General for Healthcare Operations, Office of the Surgeon General, Bolling AFB, D.C.
12. September 2008 - present, Command Surgeon and Director, Medical Services and Training, HQ AETC, Randolph AFB, TX

Legion of Merit
Air Force Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
Malcolm C. Grow Award, Air Force Flight Surgeon of the Year, 1992
U.S. Air Forces Europe Flight Surgeon of the Year, 1992
50th Tactical Fighter Wing Company Grade Officer of the Year, 1990

Captain June 2, 1986
Major June 2, 1992
Lieutenant Colonel May 31, 1997
Colonel May 31, 2001